Men - Your Personal Programme

personal programme for menGuys, what is it you want to achieve in your life? We can help you by putting you in a happier, healthier state of body and mind that will support your life’s demands. Do you want to lose weight, feel stronger, more calm, balanced? Do you want killer abs? A personal programme of fitness and wellbeing treatments can be devised for you depending on your desired outcomes.

Do you need a stress-busting programme of pure power Pilates and dynamic yoga to increase your heart rate and burn fat, counter-balancing the hours sat at a computer? Or might your personal programme consist of more rehabilitative body work (to speed up recovery from injury or help reduce back pain), meditative skills to help you filter through the demands of your busy lifestyle accompanied by healthy eating practices, Ayurvedic treatment and therapeutic massage? 

Whatever your desired outcomes, we can support you in your endeavour to juggle the various aspects of your life with a positive, mental attitude and a fit and healthy body.

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If you are wondering what a personal fitness programme alone can offer you as a man, we have outlined a couple of benefits below:

Yoga Will Boost Your Sex Life

So we use this partially as an attention grabber, but it works, and more importantly, it’s true! Regular yoga practice helps with circulation (to every part of the body) and strengthens ALL muscles, including that which is frequently affected in men by stress, creating more stress in a man’s personal and sexual life. 

Yoga can help you without the need for little blue pills. Yoga also gives you increased energy and stamina and helps you to feel more positive (which is an attractive and confidence boosting state in itself.)

Yoga Helps You Feel Good About Yourself

A regular practice of yoga and meditation eliminates much of the negative mental dialogue most men have and builds feelings of appreciation and gratitude. Many men who practice yoga find they have a more positive self-image.

Pilates Builds a Strong Core

In our experience, many men are very strong in their superficial muscles but lack strength at their core. A regular practice of Pilates soon triggers these deep, supportive muscles resulting in a more balanced and stronger body.

A Pilates Regime

Will also help you to lose the backaches you may have experienced for years. Again by drawing attention to and learning how to fire those deep abdominal muscles that support the spine you will help to take the work away from your lower back and stretch and lengthen these in the process.

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Yoga Will Help You With Your Chosen Sports

pilatesYou might not know it, but lots of top sportsmen do yoga. Tennis star Andy Murray credits yoga for his victory over world number one Roger Federer, five time world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield, Pete Sampras and Ryan Giggs know that yoga keeps them fit, flexible and helps minimise injury.

Sport and yoga complement each other well. The perfect fusion includes the added bonus of Pilates exercises in our programmes.

Yoga Will Help You to Live Longer 

Stress kills and most men do not deal well with stress. Having a regular practice of ‘letting go’ puts you ahead of the game at a time in life when men are at a high risk of poor coronary health.

Yoga Helps You Get Things Done

And we know that guys are not naturally multi-taskers so the reality for many men is that they feel overwhelmed by too many things that require their focus. Men, yoga comes to the rescue again. Yoga helps you develop concentration and improve focus, the ability to avoid distractions thereby enhanced; essential to increase efficiency.

Yoga makes you happier

And what could be better than that? Not only does yoga add more years to your life, it also adds life to your years. With better health and a more positive attitude you will approach life with greater enthusiasm. This energy will be felt by and benefit your friends, family, colleagues and all that you meet.

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