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We bring to you the contemporary approach to Yoga as part of a holistic wellbeing practice; adapted to fit with the needs of modern lifestyles. Sublime offer a fusion of the traditional paths with current learnings and complementary physical and mental fitness systems.

What is yoga?

In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India where yoga originated, the word yoga means union; the union of mind, body and spirit. When people talk of yoga instruction today that they are participating in, in their yoga class or yoga school, they are most frequently talking of yoga asana which refers to the practice of physical yoga postures or yoga poses.

What is yoga asana?

The literal translation of asana is seat, thereby the meaning of yoga asanas being yoga postures or poses. Traditionally, asana is only one of the eight "limbs" of yoga, the majority of which are more concerned with mental and spiritual wellbeing than physical activity.  The word yoga in London as in many of our Western cities, tends to refer to asana with a degree of meditation depending on the level of the practitioner. 

What is hatha yoga?

Hatha yoga is a generic term that covers many styles of yoga but if specifically described as hatha yoga, the class will be slower paced focusing on the basics of the yoga poses. 

Yoga is more than 'stretching'

People think that yoga classes are simply about stretching. Yoga lessons do offer what initially the practitioner may feel is a stretch class. Particularly in a class of yoga for beginners, the stretching will be paramount as the body experiences and enjoys this concept that may be quite new to it.

However with practice, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, ashtanga fusion, fusion yoga (whichever is your chosen yoga course or style) balance in the body will be brought about through a development of flexibility and strength as a result of the performance of yoga poses or yoga postures. Such a practice (of yoga training or a series of yoga exercises) has specific physical benefits and these in a Sublime session will be adapted according to the needs of the client or clients. 

Soft or dynamic, strengthening or relaxing, fat-burning or toning, a practice will be created by our experienced team for you after an in-depth consultation.

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Types of Yoga

yoga for menVinyasa yoga

The yoga poses can be done quickly in succession along with the breath, creating heat in the body through vinyasa yoga; a flowing sequence of yoga postures.

Ashtanga yoga

Equally as dynamic, the ashtanga yoga practice offers the same postures in the same order each day as a discipline, one yoga posture being mastered before moving on to the next.

Iyengar yoga

Yoga asanas may also be taught more slowly to increase stamina and perfect the alignment of the pose, such as in Iyengar yoga, named after the godfather of yoga, B.K.S Iyengar. The poses are a constant, but the approach to them varies depending on the tradition in which the teacher has trained.


The focus in Kundalini yoga is the union of the breath with physical movement, with the intention of releasing energy in the lower body and encouraging its move upwards. Each asana incorporates control of or working with prana, energy, the breath. In Kundalini, this exploration of the effects of the breath on the postures is paramount.

Bikram/Hot Yoga

Pioneered by Bikram Choudhury, a slight variation of the original practice is Hot Yoga. The practice of twenty six specifically sequenced postures, takes place in a ninety five to one hundred degree room, which allows for a relaxation and letting go of tight muscles. The sweat produced in such a setting is believed to be cleansing. Although not as physically challenging or extensive a practice as ashtanga vinyasa yoga the heat definitely offers a challenge.    

The Contemporary Yoga Practice

At Sublime, we offer you the opportunity to experience a variety of traditional yoga practices presented to you in an avant garde fashion that incorporates holistic and modern approaches for dealing with today’s busier schedules and levels of stress along with postural issues that may result. 

We will create for you a programme that will leave you and/or your team with a healthier, happier, better-aligned body and a clarity of mind for work, family and general life direction.  

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