Yoga Retreats

retreats yoga and pilatesAfter visiting several retreat venue locations around the world we have carefully selected just three that we would like to share with you at this time as it is our intention that they are perfect in what they have to offer. We are happy to introduce Tuscany, Puglia & Osea Island.  We hope you will enjoy reading about the different locations and encourage you to explore the areas further (website addresses given) before reading more about the retreat programmes offered.

Tuscany, Monticiano (Siena)

In the stunning rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside you will find, and not by chance, the exquisite Villa Ferraia.  Not only does it sit, away from it all, proudly perched on a hill surrounded by beautiful countryside, lakes, forests, wild animals, it has its own private organic vegetable gardens, orchards and the ultimate in astronomical observatory for the most amazing experience of star gazing ever.  Read more

Puglia, Ostuni

Il Trappeto set in a hectare of its own grounds is positioned in a 25-hectare olive grove.  In a walled garden with heated swimming pool and surrounded by olive trees, one could mistakenly feel that they are in the middle of the countryside when truly they are just 1.5km from the picturesque white-walled town of Ostuni, a beautiful distant view from the balconies of the villa. Read more

UK, Osea Island

Island Resort is a hidden treasure of un-spoilt tranquility;  an exclusive private island enclosed by four miles of beach and coastline where wildlife thrives and our clients find a refuge from modern life.  The island’s luxurious 10 bedroom Manor House from where we run our Yoga/Pilates and Detox retreats is set just a few steps from the beach and yet is a million miles away from the chaos and the stress of the city of London, only 1 hour away.  Our weekend retreats for corporates and individuals are easily planned and executed with massively replenishing outcomes. Read more

Yoga/Pilates – The Benefits of Yoga

benefits of yogaIn all three of these retreat venues we offer Yoga/Pilates Fusion retreats. We believe that the benefits of yoga combine well with those of Pilates and that the end result is a stronger, fitter body with longer, leaner muscles and a calm mind that is able to see the path ahead more clearly.

Yoga will help to improve flexibility as stretching a tight body in new ways will help it to bring greater range of motion to muscles and joints such as the hamstrings, hips, back and shoulders. Strength is also increased as the practice encourages working with one’s own body weight, moving in and out of postures slowly and supporting the body in new ways such as in the tree pose or downward facing dog.

Getting stronger, one can expect to see increased muscle tone as yoga helps to shape long, lean muscles.

Yoga teaches us how to breathe properly and make better use of our lungs which benefits the entire body, helps to clear the nasal passages and even calm the central nervous system, which has both physical and mental benefits.

It also has a positive effect on the internal body organs through the various inversions and rotations of the practice that help to boost the immune system.

Yoga/Pilates – The Benefits of Pilates

benefits of pilatesOnce located, the small range of movement to the specifically targeted muscles of the deep abdominals, combined with a mindful connection to the breath makes the Pilates exercises for the abdominals powerfully effective resulting in a flatter stomach and a trimmer waist. Isolating working muscles in the buttocks, thighs, arms and shoulders creates tone and a sculptured look in a similiar way. 

Pilates helps to reduce posture-related body pain (most commonly back pain and headaches) by use of exercises that help to re-align the body’s bony structures and recruit specific muscles and muscle groups that aid in supporting this correct alignment. With improved posture comes better co-ordination, greater body awareness resulting in fewer injuries. 

Pilates classes are frequently recommended by physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths as a complement to their work as due to poor posture, muscles may have for some time been working to support a posture that isn’t working for the client.

When corrected, the muscles need to be-re-trained in order to support the new habit of good posture. We have worked in conjunction with many physical practitioners, working holistically and sharing progress reports. It is hugely rewarding to see the progress in our clients’ rehabilitation and the effect this has on their life.

A Day on a Sublime Yoga/Pilates Retreat

yoga retreatSaluting the sun (but not at sunrise, don’t worry) we commence our day with a morning yoga/Pilates fusion class of a minimum of 1 and a half hours. This is a fairly dynamic blend to heat the body and open it and is designed according to the genre of the group. The practice will combine a fluid yoga practice with centring and stabilising Pilates exercises that will leave the body feeling energised and strong, ready for the day. A welcome, delicious and energizing brunch will then be served. 

Sometimes, depending on the dynamic of the retreat (or the group, should they decide to get together to create an extra semi-private session or two), there is an option to partake in a pure Pilates lunch time session, usually 45 minutes to an hour. Yoga is not recommended to be practiced in under two hours from completing a meal.

Most days there will be a slower, more gentle practice focusing on the calming aspects of a yoga practice including pranayama and meditation techniques. Often one day of a retreat is free of an evening practice in order to allow for sight-seeing. This does not relate to Osea Island as the whole island can be seen in just a few hours.

Everything in Moderation

Post practice, clients are provided with a sumptuous, healthy and enjoyable meal. As this is a holiday as well as a yoga retreat (and we may well be in Italy where you want to sample or further enjoy your favourite foods)  we do not enforce a specific meat free or lentil-based menu. Meats may well be an option; never an only choice. Wine will also be offered to our guests. For the complete detoxification experience, the clients themselves are able to opt for the healthier choices or they may indeed enjoy a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate. Everything in moderation. Should you wish NOT to be tempted, then may we suggest our detox retreats where the menu is specifically designed for detoxification and cleansing and everyone will be eating the same food with similar desired outcomes. 

The evenings are free for clients to sit, read, chat, go out and party or whatever it is they wish to do. It is not necessary for the group to remain constantly together and alone time is often sought on such a retreat. We encourage our clients to take time for themselves;  this is a retreat for the complete rejuvenation of their body and mind and it is imperative that they trust their intuition on what it needs.

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