What We Do – Introduction

what we doWe provide our clients with a sense of wellbeing, health and vitality. We will help to produce in you, or your employees, an added zest for life along with abundant energy. 

Our wellness provision helps to promote productivity in the workplace and a feeling of peace and tranquility in the home. It is Amanda’s vision that she and her professional team of practitioners help you to feel great about you, your body & your mind.

Initially launched and covering areas of Notting Hill, Holland Park, Kensington, Chiswick & Hammersmith, SUBLIME practitioners have expanded into the financial city and other areas of London as well of parts of Surrey and Hampshire.

In the Pilates studio we will assess your body’s needs, imbalances, strengths and weaknesses and will create a programme with use of the studio equipment to help achieve your desired goals. Whether this be for rehabilitation from an illness, injury, post operation OR for the healthy client simply looking to attain a stronger, fitter, more toned body, a unique series of exercises will be devised for you. Results we are sure you will be happy with will be achieved.

Book your complimentary consultation NOW and we will create a personalised programme to help you achieve your desired level of health, fitness and consequential quality of life.

Massage Therapy

massage therapyTo relax, de-stress and allow the massage therapist through the use of his/her hands to detect any physical and emotional problems. 

Through palpation of the body’s tissues, the therapist is able to determine the condition of the tissues and the likely source of any pain.

By moving the muscles and soft tissues of the body with gentle or deep stretching movements, the muscles are cleansed of acids and deposits, fibrous tissue is broken down and potentially painful and stiff joints are released. Massage table, towels, oils and other required props will be provided by our therapists. Read more.


Aromatherapy is a gentle healing art that incorporates the systemic use of natural essential oils to promote health and wellbeing. Evidence exists that essential oils have therapeutic benefit.

These oils are blended depending on the specific needs of the client and absorbed through the skin by way of a body massage treatment. The Sublime practitioner will take a confidential client history prior to any given treatment. Read more.

Personal Blends

Our in-house aromatherapist has created a range of essential oil blends for Sublime clients using the very finest and pure ingredients for emotional, spiritual and physical benefit.  These hand-blended oils can be used as body, bath or massage oils. 

The range includes the following blends for your enjoyment and home treatment: 


To still the body, mind and senses.  To become aware of your thoughts, desires, moods.  To decipher the actions of your ego, will, intellect. 

"As the mind clears, the eyes see more”

To not follow the conversation of one over the other but validate each one for what it is.  To know your true self better. Throughout history people have sought to understand our core consciousness – the self. 

The great sages who studied these matters found that in deep meditation, they entered a different state where they witnessed a greater sense of knowing.  The experience of this state is called Samadhi.  Living in this state continuously is called moksha. 

Our practitioners incorporate ancient skills into a contemporary environment to help you achieve a state of calm and tranquility resulting in improved clarity. Read more.

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yogaTo unite the body with the mind, a practice of physical postures of yoga, known as Asanas are compiled in a moving meditation. 

Ancient poses developed thousands of years ago to purposefully exercise every muscle, nerve and gland in the body will make the body strong, yet elastic, light yet grounded. 

No equipment is necessary. Simply yourself, your commitment, your breath and a mat.  Asanas are a gateway to the Self.  They train the body and focus the mind. Read more.


To align the body’s bony structures thereby creating correct and balanced musculature function, Pilates is a full body conditioning routine that helps to build flexibility, strength, endurance and co-ordination in the legs, abdominals, arms and back.

Working alongside physiotherapists and ostepaths our Pilates specialists can also provide a programme to aid recovery from injury and assist in pain relief due to  postural issues. Read more.

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