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julie"My initial ambition on connecting with Amanda was to create some 'me' time and to help manage the tension pain in my neck and shoulders...I vastly underestimated the massive impact that Amanda would have on my life.

Amanda is brilliant at reading me - my mood, my physical state - and providing a practice on the day that is tailored to my needs.

I always end a practice feeling physically and mentally envigourated, and emotionally calm. My tension pain was fixed long ago. I feel stronger and more self-aware; I am more focussed on looking after myself and that makes me better at looking after others as well as striving to be a better person overall! "
Julia - Media Executive

"Amanda is the best yoga teacher I've ever had and I have had the privilege of working with the top. I went to her when I was first diagnosed with a serious illness. I'm convinced that the work I did with Amanda laid the foundation for my eventual recovery. And it certainly helped me establish a useful attitude at the start of what was going to be a rough time."
Felicity Cowie, Author

"My lower back felt stronger than it had for many years. I felt refreshed and revived with a more positive outlook on life in general. Leigh Plumstead, on retreat in Austria, Amanda's experience and training shines through, giving you the confidence to put yourself in her hands.

However you're feeling at the start of a class you end up in a better place, both physically and spiritually. I particularly like the fusion of yoga and Pilates. Classes are varied and engaging and leave you looking forward to the next one."
Neil Dalgleish, BBC

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"Dearest Amanda having had those sessions in London with you, I have a strength that I never knew I possessed. These 'powers' may have been there all along, but I needed the tools for access and you were there to provide them. I used to be filled with self doubt and things would NEVER work out how I had originally planned. Now as I continue my journey, that self doubt no longer takes over.

I can hardly believe how this has changed my life! As I go forward with each new challenge I can't wait to see what I am going to do next! Both physically and emotionally I feel so different and can't remember being this happy since I was a child!!! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wisdom with me."
Dr. K B Dwyer

"Amanda has helped me become more relaxed, stronger and more flexible - and delivers a fantastic massage when needed.

At our initial session, Amanda first took the time to understand my exercise history, my work routines and my goals and then assessed my current levels of strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity. With that information, she developed a personalised program which she updates and refines before and after each session incorporating any injuries, soreness, tension and other exercise plans/results. She details progress against my goals and both suggests changes and accepts requests within the context of the program.

She understands when to push – and will do so aggressively – and when to ease off. Finally, she and her team are very flexible on schedule and make the whole effort so much easier by coming to the house."
Matthew, Investment Banker

"The best therapy for me and I hate to miss my sessions! I had back pain for 14 years (tried Pilates, tried everything) and then I met you, the first person to have helped me. ALSO I have stopped grinding my teeth in my sleep thanks to our work. Thank you so much. You have made me very happy."
Josephine Pembroke. Radio presenter

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