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November 2012

From London to Surrey; Sublime the Pilates Equipment Studio - Opened November 2012

The Pilates method as it was originally devised is the ultimate way to get in to shape, perfect posture, lose weight and tone the body, improve core stability, increase flexibility and decrease back or body pain caused by muscular tension.

Back in World War 1 Joseph Pilates devised a series of exercises for total physical and mental conditioning. Working as a nurse using hospital beds with springs and pulleys he began his method on the rehabilitation of soldiers. It soon became clear that the soldiers were leaving stronger than before they were injured and from here was created the Pilates equipment that still looks very similar to the originals today; the Cadillac, the Reformer and the Wunda chair all available at Sublime Pilates. Many people associate Pilates with the matwork that came later. Our studio in Haslemere is fully equipped with the traditional equipment for full integration of the Pilates method.

Each individual course of training begins with a physical assessment, forming the foundation of a tailor-made programme of exercises using this specially-designed equipment. classes can be taken individually, with one other or part of a group of up to 4 persons.


pilatesA note from Amanda February 2016

A huge thank you to the Haslemere Clinic and our new Surrey clients for welcoming Sublime and allowing us to share the Pilates equipment repertoire with you all. So warm was the welcome, that after just one year we were able to expand our beautiful studio within the clinic. Working alongside the osteopaths, massage therapists, chiropractor, psychotherapists and nutritionist at the Haslemere clinic has, I believe resulted in great rewards for all. For this I am most humbly grateful. Please keep coming and let us know how we might be able to better improve our service to you.

Continued gratitude to all my regular London clients and those that have not only supported but taught me so much from the days of GO Yoga through to the Sublime re-branding on 11/11/11. Huge thanks to Cate and Valerie, Sublime’s newest additions in the world of yoga, core building Pilates and massage therapy.

As many of you know, it became apparent to me in 2010 that I had to bring together all of my trainings since I first stepped into the world of holistic therapy almost 20 years ago. With my most recent acquisition and upgrade from Pilates matwork to apparatus, a completed 2 year comprehensive Pilates Foundation training and qualification, I was already expanding from yoga into the complementary world of Pilates. The benefit of Pilates that offers grace and support in alignment of the body’s structure is a great place to start to aid rehabilitation of the musculature structure, get fit and toned, strengthen your core or simply add support to your existing yoga practice.

This alliance was a life-changing lesson for me as it helped me to recover from an injury to my back and deepened my knowledge of rehabilitation of spinal misalignment offering me vital insight as a body movement teacher. For this and all my learnings I am grateful.

I began in 2011 to introduce many of my clients to my former career as a massage therapist and aromatherapist. I guess I never really lost the ties as I have always had uplifting or relaxing essential oil blends either burning in the background or ready for direct skin application post practice.

However, it soon became apparent that I could not do it alone and now have a small and fabulous, hand-picked team of practitioners. With our combined expertise I hope we will be able to fulfil your every need in the field of health and wellbeing, in London and Surrey.


February 2012 - Presentations in the Workplace

We are now running Health/Vitality & Work/Life balance presentations for corporates to avoid employee absenteeism, aid staff retention and improve the wellbeing and productivity of employees. With one of the UK’s most prestigious banks as our clients, we are finding increased interest in this area to provide employees with a little 'feelgood 'motivation. Do contact us if you wish to discuss this further and we can start by sending out an anonymous survey to get a general feel of how your staff are doing.

January 2012 - Radio Interviews

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