Detox Retreats England

detox retreat Yoga in itself is a detoxifying and purifying practice. This along with a healthy diet as provided on our yoga/Pilates retreats will help the body to cleanse, heal and re-energise. However, for those that want to fully indulge in a programme that incorporates juicing for detox and/or weight loss and the correct usage of complex carbohydrates and lean proteins in nutritionally balanced and delicious meals designed to support the practice as well as cleanse and purify the body, the Osea Island detox retreat or detox holiday is one for you to consider.

If you are looking for a detox retreat in UK that is close to London in distance but a million miles away in feel, then please do contact us for details of our next detox retreat UK programme. 

Progressive Practices

The body movement programme for the detox retreats is designed to assist with the detoxifying and cleansing process. According to yogic and Ayurvedic thinking, efficient digestion is one of the routes to good health. The progressive practices as well as the menus have been created accordingly. There will be a series of twists and rotations included to aid the peristalsis motion of the digestive tract and help eliminate toxins from the body. We will also offer postures to strengthen and tone in a gentle vinyasa flow.

Pranayama breathing exercises will also be included to help us breathe more efficiently and calm the central nervous system, which has a positive effect on  our internal body affecting and improving the functioning of our organs and immune system. 

A Day On a Sublime Detox Retreat

detox healthy eastingCommencing the day (preferably on an empty stomach) with yogic digestion aiding exercises and postures. A vinyasa flow of cleansing and purifying poses will follow, the morning practice lasting approximately 90 minutes. A deliciously nutritious brunch will then be served.

In the late afternoon/early evening, there will be a more relaxing practice including mantras, pranayama and meditation techniques.

Post practice, clients are provided with a sumptuous, healthy and enjoyable meal. The food served will be wholesome, as fresh as possible, grown in a natural environment, made with love from pesticide-free plants and happy, healthy animals. In keeping with the seasons, the menus will reflect the time of year and the meals prepared and cooked with attention and without the use of anything that our bodies and souls don’t need. The resulting dish will be delicious and satisfying.

Glowing Skin, Sparkling Eyes

After a few days of improved eating and cleansing, it is not uncommon for headaches to occur for a short time during this purification process. Clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water and during the detox retreats there will be no alcohol provided. On a positive note, post detoxification and especially if clients continue to follow some of the healthy habits they have learned on the retreat, they can expect energy levels to soar, skin to glow and eyes to sparkle.

The evenings are free for clients to sit by the fire, read, walk on the beach, mingle with fellow practitioners etc. We encourage our clients to take time for themselves; this is a retreat for the complete rejuvenation of their body and mind and it is imperative that they trust their intuition on what it needs and allow for the cleansing process to take effect.

Please contact us for full details of the UK Detox retreats on Osea Island including nutritional advice and recommended preparation prior to the retreat. We look forward to helping you begin your journey to losing weight and/or toxins and increasing your levels of energy improving your overall health, wellbeing and general presence.