Corporate Yoga at Work

yoga at workCorporate yoga has become common place for many organisations as employers realise the benefits of corporate yoga classes. In London yoga helps many of our clients deal with the stress that the city offers as a by-product of the busy lifestyle and buzz it is known for. 

Yoga in the workplace provides many benefits including stress management, fitness, wellbeing, relaxation and improved focus. Lunch-time office yoga can help to prevent the ‘energy slump’ that often hits employees after midday. This in itself improves performance and increases efficiency, productivity & creativity in the office.

In our experience, the yoga corporate has an improved mindset, morality and loyalty which has a powerful impact on overall culture as well as performance and costs.

Desk Yoga

In our programmes we will provide you and/or your team not only with a lead practice of physical fitness, flexibility and strength but we will support you through a demanding week’s work, with desk yoga/yoga at your desk (mini practices that can be utilised at any time to release tension and enhance relaxation along with a sense of general wellbeing).

It is our belief that yoga for business people is crucial as it helps to bring clarity to situations when the mind is under stress. Meditative techniques are introduced to aid in the de-cluttering and sorting of unnecessary and irrelevant thoughts of the yoga corporate. 

Yoga at work, your work, will bring employees together in a happy and healthy environment encouraging improved and inspired teamwork.

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