Corporate Programmes

corporate programmesCorporate programmes for Groups (of 5-15 people)
Are your employees taking numerous days off sick? Do they suffer from stress? Are they overwhelmed by deadlines? Improve their afternoon performance with corporate lunchtime classes of yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes that will add inspiration to their day and an improvement to their productivity. Read more

Corporate programmes for Semi-Privates (2-4 people)
Do you and your colleague/your team sit at a desk for hours? Feel lethargic and sluggish? Or suffer from back pain and headaches? Allow our team to support yours with sessions to stretch, tone & release and let go of the stresses with personally created home packages. Read more

Corporate programmes for Executives (Private1-1 tuition)
Ever find that your mind wanders from the task at hand? Or perhaps your patience is limited and you feel a sense of frustration with your work, your colleagues, even your customers. Deluxe and personal body movement sessions and relaxing, therapeutic treatments to bring your body & mind back into equilibrium. Read more