Occupational Health

corporate wellbeingIncrease overall health & wellbeing, reduce absenteeism, improve employee engagement and productivity;  An opportunity for your staff to grow and develop both professionally and personally awaits you now.

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The NHS have confirmed the following statistics regarding health in the workplace as a result of stress in the workplace: 

Workplace health: 1.3 million people who worked during 2009/2010 were suffering from an illness (long-standing as well as new cases) that they believed was caused or made worse by their current or past work. 555,000 of these were new conditions which started during the year.

A further 0.8 million former workers (who last worked over 12 months ago) were suffering from an illness which was caused or made worse by their past work. In 2009/10, incidence rates for self-reported work-related stress was of a similar order to that in 2001/02. (The Health and Safety Executive Statistics 2009/10).

Corporate Programmes

We can offer you, your executives and their teams a personalised consultation and create for you a Light, Standard or Expert programme for either of the following numbers:

  1. Corporate programmes for Groups (of 5-15 people)
  2. Corporate programmes for Semi-Privates (2-4 people)
  3. Corporate programmes for Executives (Private1-1 tuition)

Staff Wellbeing

staff wellbeingWith no improvement in reducing stress levels amongst employees over several years, statistics prove that companies are losing vital personnel due to staff health issues. Health at work and outside of the office can help a company with their retention figures potentially saving a large percentage of a given recruitment budget.

We at SUBLIME have devised programmes for corporate health offering a selection of services and  practices, both traditional and contemporary to aid staff fitness and wellbeing in the workplace. These can be modelled to fit the requirements of your company and your personnel. 

We can help you to reduce absenteeism through building corporate programmes, provide practical tips for both employees and yourself and share with you successful outcomes of managing cases of stress within the workforce.

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Corporate Wellness

corporate wellnessWorkplace wellbeing is our greatest feature as it is an area into which we can bring all of our services on hand. 

In the arena of physical fitness for your personnel we can provide heart-rate raising staff fitness classes of a dynamic, fat-burning calibre for those (with company shower facilities) requiring an adrenalin rush during the lunch hour to prevent the afternoon mental slump or pre-work motivation slots. 

Or we can design a more specific session for toning, creating abdominal strength (and the 6-pack to make your staff feel good about themselves), at the same time clearing their minds of clutter and allowing space for creativity in the workplace post their Sublime session.

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Back Pain: the UK’s No.1 De-Motivator

corporate back painAs back, neck, shoulder and postural issues create pain in most people at some stage in their lives, across the corporate world this is at the forefront of absenteeism.

Yoga & Pilates exercises and practices are devised to re-balance, re-align and relieve bodies of pain helping to bring them back into harmony. 

With a lack of constant discomfort and tools to help people to help themselves, we have found an increase in morale and productivity in the workplace has resulted.

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Healthy Eating in the Workplace

healthy eating at workHealthy eating in the workplace is also something that we can offer advice on. We can help with re-stocking your vending machine with healthier options to support your corporate wellbeing programmes.

We can offer on-site workshops on weight loss and healthy eating and create for your company a bespoke corporate getaway where your staff can begin a journey of getting to understand how the health of their body can bring greater clarity of mind, resulting in mental positivity and improved production in the workplace. 

Workplace occupational health is a must for all companies to consider in economically challenging times. 

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