Wellness Provider

wellness providorWe are a team of body & mind health professionals offering schemes to improve health and boost productivity in the workplace and at home, for employees and for individuals who want to achieve more.

We believe when performing at our best, we are able to achieve whatever it is that we desire.

We simply have to be physically and mentally in the right place. It has been proven that unhealthy workers are up to 12% less productive than healthy colleagues costing firms millions of pounds.

With this in mind we have created programmes that promote healthy living, help to deal with the issues of weight, alcohol, insomnia, smoking etc. and the serious illnesses that arise as a result and we have seen a clear shift of interest from a number of large corporations who have begun to promote our wellness programs internally.

Health is an economic issue with figures from 2009 classifying a quarter of the nation as obese. By 2050 obesity is predicted to affect 60% of adult men, 50% of adult women & 25% of children. Obesity alone is linked to sleep problems which leaves employees tired at work and ultimately less productive, depression which results in days off sick and back problems which is one of the nations biggest causes of absenteeism from work.

All Sublime practitioners are fully trained and qualified in their expertise with internationally recognised diplomas and have full public and professional liability insurance.

We aim to encourage our clients into new, happy and healthy habits in fun, relaxing & inspiring ways.

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