Sublime Barre Classes

ladies personal programmeSUBLIME BARRE CLASSES in HASLEMERE, SURREY.


Born in the USA and as with most new fitness trends, the UK has followed. Barre is sweeping our capital with barre classes popping up all over the country. The reason for their popularity is simple. They are fun and they get results! Taking inspiration from classical ballet and combining this high-intensity workout with high energy dance music, barre classes are designed to target those areas that we women most want targeted; thighs, bum, abs and arms. The exercises are set to work on one group of muscles at a time; small, precise movements and this, Amanda assures, you will feel and the muscles will start to change shape. With consistency, you will find your body becoming slimmer and a more dancer-like physique developing.

Trained by Emma Newham’s renowned Barre Concept barre classes at Sublime take inspiration from classical ballet to give you all the benefits of a dancer’s body. Classes are popular because you, the barre practitioner will start to see and feel results after just a handful of classes.

Where do Barre Classes Originate?

Barre workouts have based their method on the workings of Lotte Berk, a Jewish ballet dancer who came to London in the 1930s and as a result of injury used her dance training to aid her rehabilitation. Hence, the Lotte Berk Method was created and celebrities such as Barbara Streisand, Yasmin Le Bon and Joan Collins have followed the Lotte Berk method since the opening of her studio in 1959.

Over 40 years on, the method has seen fresh interest. Combining the tried and tested methods of Lotte Berk, yoga, Pilates and ballet with a fresh and innovative contemporary approach, barre classes are the perfect way to get and stay in shape. Tried and tested. Come and see for yourself.

Most barre practitioners enthuse about the physical outcome of the ‘workout’. Consistently practiced, they find that their bodies change, they get that ‘dancer’s dent, their abs are more defined and their legs become more shapely. They also leave the class with a bounce in their step as a challenging workout has been had, endorphins have been released and they feel good.

Whilst barre classes do contain some cardio component, not all programmes will elevate your heart rate as much as you may need. They are more about muscle toning. For optimal weight loss and results, combine your barre workout with some regular stretching of yoga, core strengthening and alignment of Pilates, a healthy diet and some cardiovascular work.

At Sublime, Amanda has brought her vast experience of fitness, yoga and Pilates and her most recent training with Barre Concept to offer her clients something new, upbeat, challenging and fun; a wonderful compliment to the Pilates studio and yoga practices offered to date.

Sublime Yoga & Mindfulness


These classes are devised for complete beginners with modifications for the more experienced practitioner.    Each class commences with an opening mantra and sun salutations to centre the mind and heat the body allowing for a greater sense of being present and improved flexibility.  The practice then continues, according to the practitioners to explore a series of postures to stretch and tone the body's musculature structure, cleanse the internal body and still the mind in order to see and think more clearly.

SUBLIME CLASSES ARE DIFFERENT... With up to 20 years experience in yoga/Pilates & fitness working primarily in rehabilitation, each client is treated as an individual and is healthy screened accordingly. You are requested to complete a health questionnaire and if we deem necessary you will be invited in to the Pilates studio for a free assessment in movement. You will also have two teachers in many of your course classes to make sure the exercises are being performed correctly and safely. In this way, you will feel that each class is directed at you personally.

What to Wear

Wear your old tutu if you really want to embrace your inner ballerina; otherwise best to wear some fitted yoga-style pants/ leggings and a comfortable top. Keep your midriff covered as we will be targeting specific muscle groups and want to keep your overall body warm. Layer up; you will get hot and will then need to cover up as you cool down. Non-slip socks are suggested and you can purchase these in class if you do not have any.

What to Bring to Class

  • A Yoga mat
  • Non slip socks
  • A bottle of water
  • Layered clothing
  • You may purchase a yoga mat and some non-slip toe sox from Sublime to be provided to you first class. You can buy these on our ONLINE STORE or by emailing us here. Please let us know if you would like us to provide you with either or both. Yoga mats are £20, Toe-Sox are £11 (a choice of colours, sizes available).

    How to Book

    To check venue, course dates, availability and to guarantee your booking TODAY book online here. If online booking is not your thing, contact Sublime directly and we will take your provisional booking and inform you of other ways of payment if spaces are still available.

    A note from Amanda

    Having experienced barre classes in California in 2012 myself I was won over by the results, the intensity of the classes, the fun and the content which I to this day still love. I have researched many of the providers and chose Barre Concept for my training as like myself, Emma, the founder is a trained fitness, yoga and Pilates teacher. She is also a dancer and I believe her combination of all of these art forms brings out the best in a highly energetic, pleasantly challenging barre class that I can add to for the benefit of my clients. Having been an aerobics teacher of many years ago, a yoga practitioner of 20 years and a Pilates teacher for 10 I am very happy to bring to you the new Sublime Barre classes which I hope you will enjoy as much as me.

    Experience is not necessary, only a desire to get fit and have fun. Enroll now for your first course and see for yourself. I look forward to seeing you at the barre.