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At SUBLIME BODY & MIND, in our Liphook Pilates Studio, our Yoga & Pilates studio at the Haslemere Clinic, or at home on our home wellbeing programme, we will share with you our contemporary approach to Pilates and yoga. Adapted to fit with your requirements of modern day living, whether in rehabilitation from injury or illness or as a healthy individual looking to get trim and toned, we will create for you a bespoke programme combining traditional paths with modern teachings.

Contact Amanda today to book your assessment session or simply talk through how we might help you begin your journey back to health & vitality.

Before coming to see us for either equipment or matwork classes, kindly complete our Health and Wellness questionnaire. Download the questionnaire.
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We look forward to meeting you.

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Pilates equipment studio, Liphook opens

For Open Sessions, Solo Session, Duo Sessions and by invitation only. All new clients to complete assessment session and welcome package at the Haslemere Clinic studio. One-one Pilates Solo Sessions will continue to be available at the Haslemere clinic.

New Pilates Matwork teachers

We are happy to welcome Rebecca and Gemma as Sublime matwork teachers at the Haslemere Clinic from January 2019. They both specialise in rehabilitation and look forward to meeting you all.

Yoga with Amanda at the Haslemere Clinic

Devised for complete beginners with modifications for the more experienced practitioner, we will explore a series of postures to stretch and tone the body's musculature structure, cleanse the internal body and learn how to use the breath to still the mind in order to see and think more clearly.

The Buddy System (DUOS)

If you do not feel ready to enter an Open Session but want to share a Pilates session with another client ask us about our buddy system - a cheaper way to experience the equipment. These will take place at the new Liphook Studio.

Pilates equipment sessions from less than £24 per hour. For Concessions, contact Amanda directly. Book your Open Sessions here, or solo/Duo sessions here.

NEW CLIENT OFFER - £110 for 3 hours of Pilates including an assessment session.
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Ask us about our Health/Vitality & Work/Life balance presentations to avoid employee absenteeism, aid staff retention, improve health & wellbeing and productivity of employees.

Listen to radio interviews with our Sublime practitioners.

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